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Increase your DJ bookings with these valuable Tips

Don't just sit by the phone -- make it ring!
Is your calendar as full as you would like it to be? Do people know how to find you when they need a Mobile DJ? Are you expanding your customer base? If you didn’t answer yes to these questions, then it’s time to get to work! Before you reinvent the wheel, however, check out this list of 29 ways to maximize your bookings!

1. CHECK YOUR BUSINESS CARD. Do you have a good supply? Is the information current? Is it a great-looking billboard for your DJ services? (See Biz Card Awards in MB #58 for inspiration.)

2. UPDATE YOUR PROMO KIT. All the information should be current. Are your references up to date? How about your music list?

3. NETWORK YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS. It’s not who you know, it’s who can you know. Expand your circle of influence.

4. DON’T BE SO CHEAP! Throw out that cheapo answering machine and get one that makes you sound as professional as you are.

5. JOIN YOUR LOCAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Offer to trade your services for a membership. That way you can showcase your talents and pick up corporate and other referrals at the same time.

6. SMILE FOR THE CAMERA! Have a quality video produced, showing you at your best, or update the one you have. Make sure your name and phone number are on the label and on the video.

7. SEND OUT A MAILER OR NEWSLETTER. Let people know where they can see you regularly. Send it to all past clients and the great leads in your database. (You have a database don’t you?)

8. LOOK GOOD IN PRINT. Do you have decent letterhead and envelopes? Make sure you look as good, if not better in print than you actually are.

9. CALL SIX PEOPLE EVERY DAY. Call just to say hello and confirm their information in your database. Ask these people if they know of anyone who could use a Mobile DJ.

10. KEEP IN TOUCH. Drop a postcard to three previous clients every day, asking for a referral.

11. CHECK YOUR YELLOW PAGE AD. Are you in the yellow pages? Are you paying too much? Are you paying too little? Do you look like you’re easily accessible and ready for work?

12. READ THE NEWSPAPER DAILY. See who’s getting married, what corporate events are coming up, and what other functions could use your services. Note the week’s social calendar so you can contact those people for next year’s gig.

13. CHECK YOUR CHECKBOOK. To whom are you writing checks month after month? Ask these people for referrals. They get your business - why not get theirs?

14. APPLY YOURSELF. Staple your business card to every bill payment check you send. They will need a staple remover to take your card off the check, and will see your name.

15. WATCH YOUR PRICING. How do your rates compare to the competition? Strive to offer a good value, but get the price you deserve.

16. CLEAN UP YOUR ACT. Is your equipment up to date? Do you have the best in lights, audio and cases? How about your attire? Could your appearance stand to be updated as well?

17. TWEAK YOUR MATERIAL. Constantly update your tunes. Keep in touch with what’s going on in today’s music scene. Listen to all types of music, not just what you like personally.

18. BE WELL-READ. Read books on sales and marketing. The DJ business is market driven. Find out what other businesses do to create more customer contact.

19. READ THE TRADE MAGAZINES. Keep current. Know what’s going on around you and in other parts of the world.

20. SPREAD THE WORD. You never know where that next gig is going to come from. Don’t limit yourself!

21. GET A NAME AND NUMBER. Never quote a price on the phone without first finding out who’s calling. They don’t always book you on the phone right away. You might need a name and phone number to call back.

22. BE PREPARED. Have handy a print piece on yourself that fits in a #10 envelope. You can also carry these smaller brochures around with you like business cards. When you’re at the supermarket and run into someone who needs your services you can say, "Here’s my card.... and here’s a brochure, too!"

23. DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK. Ask every person who books you if you can use him or her as a reference. They might even suggest some leads.

24. KNOW YOUR SELF-WORTH. Don’t start hacking away at your fee if somebody says, "Your price is too high." Explain the benefits of using you: your talent, your experience, your past performances. Always start at the top, you can go down in price later.

25. BE CHARITABLE. Do a couple of gigs for charity every year. Remember, you get what you give.

26. GET SOME HELP. Read a couple of books on self-promotion. They’re inexpensive, and they’re in every major bookstore.

27. IF YOU DON’T ASK, YOU DON’T RECEIVE. When somebody calls asking about booking you, never end the call without trying to close a definite date. Never give a price and then let the caller say, "they’ll get back to you." Get specifics. Find out what it will take to book the gig.

28. KEEP YOUR CHIN UP! Don’t let a bad gig get you down. People can hear it in your voice on the phone or in person. Clients want to book a DJ who is excited and confident.

29. COP AN ATTITUDE. Your attitude will make or break you. People pick up on it and respond accordingly. If you want to be a success, start believing that you are one!

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