Replacing the Stylus Light on the Technics 1200

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Replacing the Stylus Light on the Technics 1200

Unfortunately Technics did not make this an easy process. First of all, getting the light housing off is tricky, and second, they actual stylus light bulb has to be soldered back in place. Not nice, but it can be done.


#2 Phillips Screwdriver, Precision Screwdriver set, Soldering Iron, Solder wick, Solder.



One 20VDC light bulb. Can be found at most electronics stores or can be ordered online. I could not find a 20VDC bulb so I used a 12VDC bulb and it seems to be working fine, and the bonus is it is a little brighter!!


Step One:

First remove the platter, secure the tonearm, and remove the 45 plug from your turntable. Always unplug your turntable before removing the platter. Flip it over and remove the 20 sum screws from the underside and remove the foot pads. The foot pads come off by turning them counter clockwise. Once they are removed you will notice there is another screw under each one. Remove that as well. Carefully pull the rubber base from the bottom of the turntable.


Step Two:

The stylus light assembly is located nearly straight center bottom of the turntable. First unscrew the assembly from the turntable housing. Once it is unscrewed light the stylus assembly up and out, then flip it over.


Step Three:

Once you have the assembly unfastened, you will see that the stylus light is within a silver housing. This housing is held on by a single precision screw found at the base. This is the part that is most difficult about this procedure because that screw can be VERY difficult to remove. You need a phillips precision screwdriver to remove it, but make sure it is the exact right size or you will strip the screw. Try to remove the screw and if it comes out you are lucky, otherwise, try using pliers to hold the screwdriver, then while pressing down as hard as you can, turn the screwdriver with the pliers. This will give you lots of torque. Another suggestion I have heard is using cooling spray (computer technicians use it in repairing computer hardware). Spray the screw with the coolant, then remove the screw. I don't know if this works cause I have never tried it.


Step Four:

If you get the screw out then you're lucky, you can go onto step five. Otherwise, if you have stripped the screw, you will need to drill it out. To drill out the screw find a drill bit that is the exact size of the head of the screw if not a tiny bit smaller. Drill the head of the screw until the head comes off. Once the head is off, you can determine the size of the actual screw so you can find a drill bit small enough to drill the remaining piece out.


Now you need to order a new screw, and depending on how much damage you did, you may need a new housing as well. Hopefully not.


Step Five:

Okay, housing is off and you can now see the actual bulb we are looking to replace.

The wires holding it in place can be pulled through enough to work on them. Pull the bulb from the white plastic holder (or push it out carefully using a flat precision screwdriver from the bottom of the white holder). Clip off the wires as close to the bulb as you can.


Step Six:

Strip the wires to expose about 3 or 4 millimeters (1/4") of wire.


Step Seven:

Solder the new bulb to the exposed wires. Careful to do a good job as it cannot be bulky, Needs to fit back into the plastic sleeve.


Step Eight:

The wires need to be insulated from one another so use a very small piece of electrical tape.

Step Nine:

Replace the sleeve and bulb onto the end of the stylus assembly by pulling the connecting wires back through. Put the Stylus cover back on and screw the precision screw back in. Screw the assembly down and you're all set to go.

by Chris Robin

Last update: Jun 27, 2012


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