DJ Depot was very quick in shipping my order..

DJ Depot was very quick in shipping my order and combined with Google Checkout, the whole experience was great! Very easy to track my order and no issues otherwise. Thanks.

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Omnisistem Q Beam 100mW Green and Red Laser
Omnisistem Q Beam 100mW Green and Red Laser
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Omnisistem Q Beam 100mW Green and Red Laser

Q-Beam Series :: Q-Beam 100 mW

The QBeam comes in different versions. The laser diode can be as high as 5000mW (5Watt) Email us for additional information.

The Q-Beam Series beam projectors have become America's favorite professional beam projector. Apart from being the only upgradeable system in the market from 4.95mW to the highest output available, the Q-Beam is also the only completely TE-Cooled line of laser projectors in the same ranges. A lot of attention has been paid to detail and a number of concerns have been addressed at the manufacturing stage to make the Q-Beam series the most refined, flexible, and expandable system available today for professionals and laser hobbyists alike. Since the inception of the Q-Beam in 1999, Omnisistem has introduced three versions, each improving upon the last. The Q-Beam series exemplifies our commitment to Quality products and Quality service.

Whether you find yourself at a nightclub, a party, a production, a bowling center, a theme park or other entertainment venue, chances are the beam rail style projector you see is a Q-Beam.


# - 10 Beam Apertures
# - 12 Beam Modules
# - Professional "Dial in" Beam Targeting Modules
# - Upgradeable Highest Output Power Available. Restrictions apply.
# - Rugged I Beam Internal Construction
# - LCD Digital Menu Operating System
# - 10 Modes of Operation
# - DMX 512 (with built in terminator)
# - Sound Active or Stand-alone/sound activated
# - Remote DMX to Sound
# - Maximum Apertures up at one time (6)
# - Thermal Electrically Cooled
# - User serviceable air-intake filtration system

# COOLING - TE (Thermal Electric)

# Thermal Electric Cooling provides far greater stability through ambient temperature changes than air-cooling. TE-Cooling increases laser diode life is built into the hermetically sealed laser diode and is not subject to contamination related failures.


# 100mW

# 110V AC 60Hz @ 2 Amps
# 220V AC 50Hz (optional)

# Random - Sequential - Fixed

# 35 Lbs

# SHIPPING DIMENSIONS: # 24In x 11.75In x 10.5In
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