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Omnisistem Q Beam 100mW Green and Red Laser
Omnisistem Q Beam 100mW Green and Red Laser
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Omnisistem Q Beam 100mW Green and Red Laser

Q-Beam Series :: Q-Beam 100 mW

The QBeam comes in different versions. The laser diode can be as high as 5000mW (5Watt) Email us for additional information.

The Q-Beam Series beam projectors have become America's favorite professional beam projector. Apart from being the only upgradeable system in the market from 4.95mW to the highest output available, the Q-Beam is also the only completely TE-Cooled line of laser projectors in the same ranges. A lot of attention has been paid to detail and a number of concerns have been addressed at the manufacturing stage to make the Q-Beam series the most refined, flexible, and expandable system available today for professionals and laser hobbyists alike. Since the inception of the Q-Beam in 1999, Omnisistem has introduced three versions, each improving upon the last. The Q-Beam series exemplifies our commitment to Quality products and Quality service.

Whether you find yourself at a nightclub, a party, a production, a bowling center, a theme park or other entertainment venue, chances are the beam rail style projector you see is a Q-Beam.


# - 10 Beam Apertures
# - 12 Beam Modules
# - Professional "Dial in" Beam Targeting Modules
# - Upgradeable Highest Output Power Available. Restrictions apply.
# - Rugged I Beam Internal Construction
# - LCD Digital Menu Operating System
# - 10 Modes of Operation
# - DMX 512 (with built in terminator)
# - Sound Active or Stand-alone/sound activated
# - Remote DMX to Sound
# - Maximum Apertures up at one time (6)
# - Thermal Electrically Cooled
# - User serviceable air-intake filtration system

# COOLING - TE (Thermal Electric)

# Thermal Electric Cooling provides far greater stability through ambient temperature changes than air-cooling. TE-Cooling increases laser diode life is built into the hermetically sealed laser diode and is not subject to contamination related failures.


# 100mW

# 110V AC 60Hz @ 2 Amps
# 220V AC 50Hz (optional)

# Random - Sequential - Fixed

# 35 Lbs

# SHIPPING DIMENSIONS: # 24In x 11.75In x 10.5In
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