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JRX212 Speaker by JBL
12 in. Two-Way Stage Monitor Loudspeaker System. The JRX212 is a portable, twelve-inch, two-way..
JRX215 Speaker by JBL
Two-Way Sound Reinforcement Loudspeaker System. This trapezoidal, 15" speaker system is at home..
PRX412M Speaker by JBL
12" Two-Way Stage Monitor and Loudspeaker System. PRX412M is a portable, twelve-inch, two-way s..
PRX412M-WH Speaker by JBL
12" Two-Way White Utilitly/Stage Monitor Loudspeaker System. PRX412M-WH is a portable, twelve-i..
PRX415M Speaker by JBL
15" Two-Way Stage Monitor and Loudspeaker System. PRX415M is a portable, fifteen-inch, two-way ..
PRX415M-WH Speaker by JBL
15" Two-Way White Utility/Stage Monitor Loudspeaker System. PRX415M-WH is a portable, fifteen-i..
PRX418S Speaker by JBL
18" Subwoofer. PRX418S is an eighteen inch subwoofer which, when combined with the two-way mode..
PRX425 Speaker by JBL
15" Two-Way Loudspeaker System. PRX425 dual fifteen-inch, two-way is the perfect choice for DJ’..
STX812M Speaker by JBL
12" Two-Way, Bass-Reflex, Stage Monitor/Utility. Designed specifically to be a high performance..
STX815M Speaker by JBL
15" Two-Way, Bass-Reflex, Stage Monitor/Utility. A single 15" lightweight two-way system design..
STX818S Speaker by JBL
Single 18” Bass Reflex Subwoofer. A single 18" compact high power subwoofer system in a front-l..
STX825 Speaker by JBL
Dual 15" Two-Way, Bass-Reflex. A dual 15" two-way speaker designed for maximum impact, portabil..
STX828S Speaker by JBL
Dual 18" Bass Reflex Subwoofer. A dual 18" high power subwoofer system in a front-loaded, vente..
STX835 Speaker by JBL
Dual 15" Three-Way with Horn-Loaded MF/HF section, slot-loaded LF. A slot-loaded dual 15" three..

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