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CITC HazeMax Haze Machine
CITC HazeMax Haze Machine
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CITC HazeMax Haze Machine

The Haze-Max offers an easy to use, reliable, never-clog, long-lasting, 30 minute, haze from a water-based fluid without using any glycols or oils. No residue, this magical box works on professional stages around the world without ever clogging or changing the heads. One gallon Water-Vapor Haze fluid will last up to 2-3 hours, depending on the timing and output selected.

Easier to use than a fog machine. No programming or special care required. Only a five minute warm-up and no clogging. The Haze-Max comes with a 25' remote control cycle-timer, and it has DMX one channel on board with volume control. One year limited warranty when using CITC’s Water-Vapor Haze fluids.

This wonderful workhorse continues to do its’ job for 10 years and keeps on working. It comes with a hanging bracket that is included with the remote control and DMX on-board 5 pin, XLR connectors for easy insertion into your line-up of equipment. The one channel DMX controls on/off functions and volume control.

Accessories: C-clamp with safety cable and hanging harness for 5 gallon cubitainer, Road Case, Water-Vapor Haze Fluids, any of the Director Fans for up to 70’ distribution (see wind).

When the special effects techs on Spiderman II needed a good haze machine, they chose CITC’s HazeMax and used Water-Vapor Haze Fluid.

CITC chose to have the HazeMax and fluids tested, right along with competitor’s machines, as suggested by ESTA’s Fog And Smoke committee. The testing was done by ENVIRON TESTING LABS and revealed a major breakthrough. The resulting graphs and charts indicated that out of 53 major fog and haze fluids, CITC’s Water Vapor Haze was given the lowest concentration factor of any other tested machine or fluid, which resulted in the lowest concentration levels. This indicates that HazeMax with Water Vapor Haze fluid:

    Places the least amount of chemical concentration in the air
    Uses less fluid to make a smoother, more even haze
    Creates more haze for less money
    Is the safest, cleanest hazer on the market today (of all 53 fluids tested)

“This was great news for CITC,” Gary Crawford, President and CEO of CITC explained. “The testing proved our theory, that HazeMax creates the best water-based haze on the market today. Just look at the testing results!

Not only is it safe, but it’s friendly, easy to use, never breaks down, keeps itself clean (self-cleaning), never has a clogged head, makes beautiful haze that is wonderful to film and shows off the lights’ beams as good, if not better, than any more expensive hazers on the market today. HazeMax is safe for all applications. There are no glycols in Water Vapor Haze, and now there is no expiration date for the fluid. HazeMax includes a remote control with a cycle-timer and has DMX on board.

What does haze do? Haze is one of those magical effects that adds depth to a scene, whether it be in theater or in movies. Haze works with lights, lengthening beams and extending colors and brightness. Haze fills rooms evenly with floor to ceiling, wall to wall atmosphere, creating dreamy, spooky, magical, and interesting scenes.


#100021 (230V P/N 100026)
Dimensions: 22" x 9" x 11" (56cm x 23cm x 28cm)
Weight: 27 lbs (13 kg)
Shipping Weight: 32 lbs (14.5 kg)
Shipping Dimensions: 26 x 16 x 13 (66cm x 40.6cm x 33cm)
Electrical Requirements: 120VAC, 15A or 230VAC, 8A
Fluid Consumption @ 50 - 100% output: 30 - 51 oz(1 - 1.5 liters) per hour
Fluid Type: Water Vapor HazeTM (Regular only)
DMX: 1 channel
Remote Timer Included: 0-100% output control for continuous; 0-100% output on cycle-timer; 100% output on manual momentary button; Cycle-timer = 1-11 seconds. "on", 0.2 - 5 minutes. "off"
Breaker: 120VAC - 15A; 230VAC - 7A
Limited Warranty: One Year

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