Thank you again for getting those wireless ADJ Wifly QA5

Thank you again for getting those wireless ADJ Wifly QA5's for me in time for the wedding. The event/venue turned out beautiful and I probably saved at least an hour of wiring by going wireless:-)

Brett F
Rane MA3 Multichannel Amplifier
Rane MA3 Multichannel Amplifier
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Rane MA3 Multichannel Amplifier


  • 3 Independent Amplifiers
  • 60W per Channel Continuous Average Power into 4Ω, 20-20k Hz
  • 40W per Channel Continuous Average Power into 8Ω, 20-20k Hz
  • Load Sensitive Dynamic Limiters and Headroom Meters
  • SPiKe® Protection Circuitry
  • High Capacity Linear Power Supply
  • Sealed Heat-Tunnel Forced-Air Cooling
  • 80 Hz High Pass Filter Selection
  • UL / cUL / CE Certified

The MA 3 is a three-channel amplifier designed to operate reliably in commercial environments. The MA 3 was specifically designed for use in:

  • Paging
  • Foreground Music
  • Background Music Distribution

The MA 3 is an ideal amplifier with Ranes paging, foreground music, and background music products, the Rane CP 52S, CP 64S and DA 26S.

The MA 3 uses a conventional linear power supply with a toroidal transformer. This configuration minimizes the emissions associated with switching supplies and noisier transformer designs. The power supply features independent secondary supplies for each channel, minimizing load regulation interaction and crosstalk.

Thermal management is accomplished with a sealed heat-tunnel design incorporating low velocity forced-air and large aperture openings. This design minimizes the noise usually associated with forced-air cooling and eliminates the need for an air filter. Forced-air cooling allows the amplifier to operate reliably in harsh environments and avoid the buildup of heat in unventilated racks associated with passive convection cooling.

The combination of a solid, conservative power supply and forced-air cooling allows the MA 3 to simultaneously deliver 40 watts of continuous average power into 8Ω and 60 watts into 4Ω.

SPiKe®- dynamic protection circuitry completely safeguards each channel against over-voltage, under-voltage, overloads, transients from inductive loads, thermal runaway and instantaneous temperature peaks. Biasing is not allowed to occur when an under-voltage condition exists, reducing turn on and turn off transients.

Fast-response limiters allow the MA 3 to tolerate up to 20 dB of overdrive into 8 and 4Ω loads while holding THD below 1%. This means no loss of speech intelligibility or harsh clipping. This feature greatly increases the dynamic range of the system without external limiters.
Peak-responding, load-adaptive meters accurately indicate the remaining headroom. The meters are helpful in setting system levels and indicating signal compression.

Balanced inputs with Euroblock connectors are provided. Euroblock output connectors accept up to 12 gauge wire. Rear panel Level controls allow amplifier sensitivity adjustment. Internally selectable 80 Hz highpass filters offer protection against over excursion of small bookshelf speakers and saturation of distribution transformers at low frequencies.

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