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Take your sound to the next level with the use of processors. Rane is a leader in processor technology. We have all the top models in crossovers, equalizers, and rack mount audio processors.

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American Audio dB-Display LED meter
Designed to set in an amp rack to view your decibel level Creates a great light show in your amp ..
Rane AD 22S Audio Delay
The Rane AD 22S is a fully balanced two-input, two-output Audio Delay unit designed for multiple ..
Rane BB 44X Balance Buddy
Features 2 Channels of -10 dBV (RCA) to +4 dBu (XLR) Conversion 2 channels of +4 dB..
Rane C4 Quad Compressor
The C4 Quad Compressor / Limiter / Dynamic Equalizer presents matchless feature, performance and ..
Rane CP 52S Commercial Processor
The CP 52S is a versatile commercial preamplifier designed for use in restaurants, bars, health c..
Rane CP 64S Commercial Processor
The CP 64S is a versatile commercial preamplifier designed for use in restaurants, bars, health c..
Rane DA 26S Distribution Processor
Do you have a paging and background music application that would benefit from a low cost, one-box..
Rane DC 22S Stereo Compressor
A cure for compression confusion is here. Quit guessing and anguishing over proper compressor and..
Rane DEQ 60L Graphic Equalizer
When the term "graphic equalizer” was first coined, the intent was to provide a device that allow..
Rane G4 Quad Expander - Gate
Combining familiar front panel controls with the accuracy and performance of digital signal proce..
Rane LT 22 Line Transformer
Features 2 Channels of Balanced Isolation Nickel Core "80” Ni Transformers Provide ..
Rane ME 15S Graphic Equalizer
The Rane ME 15S microGraphic Equalizer is a two-channel, 2/3-octave design with 20 mm sliders in ..
Rane ME 60S Graphic Equalizer
The Rane ME 60S Stereo Constant-Q Equalizer is a two-channel, 1/3-octave design, housed in a two ..
Rane Mongoose
Mongoose can replace the analog mic and line level portions of an audio system with digitized aud..
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