Jay over @ DJ Depot is just the best

Jay over @ DJ Depot is just the best. I had some issues with a DMX controller and he always called me back asap, and truly would not let you off the phone until you were totally satisfied. I used to be leery of purchasing gear online, but Jay & DJ Depot are for real. I will purchase all my gear from them from now on. James Mastrino DJ DJUj Mobile Music Entertainment

James M
MidiCon Pro Midi Controller by Elation
MidiCon Pro Midi Controller by Elation
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MidiCon Pro Midi Controller by Elation

MidiCon Pro is a Midi controller designed to be used with any midi-compatible lighting control software.

Playback Section with (8) Touch Sensitive, Motorized Playback Faders (3 backlit buttons above each fader and page select with 00 to 99 page display)

(1) Touch Sensitive Motorized Master Fader with Backlit Blackout Button

(20) Buttons, Backlit Keypad Section with Standard Lighting Control Style Keypad

(16) Buttons, Backlit Function Key Section Above Keypad

(10) Buttons, Backlit Function Key Section Next to Keypad

Button Matrix Section with (32) Backlit Buttons and (4) Context Buttons

(4) Rotary Encoder Jog Wheels with Custom Weighted Aluminum Wheels

Smooth Low Friction Encoders with Push-In Function

(2) Shift Buttons to Change Context of Wheels

Uses MIDI Over USB for all Communication with Host Software

All Buttons are Custom Engraved and Backlit for Use with Emulation Pro™ Software

Adjustable Backlighting Level

Length: 31.0” (134.9mm)
Width: 13.0” (125mm)
Vertical Height: 3.5” (40.9mm)


Ideal For Use With The Following Elation Software:

EMULATION Control Software

EMULATION PRO Control Software


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