As the founder of the Oregon School..

As the founder of the Oregon School for the Deaf haunted house, the Nightmare Factory, allow me to thank you for your fast service, and great prices on the products we have ordered thus far. I have been more than please with everything, and have started recommending you to my fellow haunters. As a matter of fact as soon as I get a chance I'd like to put a link to your site on our web page. Once again, it has been a pleasure so far dealing with you, I look forward to a long relationship.

E Roberts
Chauvet Professional Legend 1200E Spot
Chauvet Professional Legend 1200E Spot
Brand:Chauvet DJ
Product Code: leg1200espot
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Chauvet Professional Legend 1200E Spot

The Legend™ 1200E Spot features a state-of-the-art 1,200-watt FastFit lamp and CMY color mixing. The unit includes two gobo wheels, both fitted with six glass slot-n-lock gobos. It has an electronic ballast and power supply.


- 23 or 31-channel fully electronic 1,200-watt moving yoke spot
- Pan: 540 degrees
- Tilt: 270 degrees
- Color wheel: 7 colors + white (red, blue, pink, green, magenta, orange, and UV)
Split/linear colors
Rainbow color spin at variable speed
- Gobo wheel 1: Indexed, rotating gobo wheel with gobo shake
6 glass, slot-n-lock gobos + open
2 multicolor, 4 black / white
Gobo wheel spin at variable speed
16-bit gobo rotation
- Gobo wheel 2: Indexed, rotating gobo wheel with gobo shake
6 glass, slot-n-lock gobos + open
1 multicolor, 5 black / white
Gobo wheel spin at variable speed
16-bit gobo rotation
- Variable frost
- Variable CTC filter (3,200K to 6,000 K)
- CMY color mixing system with vector speed adjustments
- 3-facet, 5-facet, 3D, and infinite prism with macros
- Variable shutter
- Variable iris
- Variable focus
- Variable 16-bit dimming (0 to 100%)
- Linear zoom (15 degrees to 30 degrees)
- Individual reset of pan/tilt, color, gobo, shutter, prism, focus
- Move-in-black for pan/tilt, color, gobo
- Remote fixture reset, lamp on/off, and vector speed adjustments
- Built-in movement macros with range adjustments
- Built-in color macros
- 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connections
- Two additional free glass gobos
- User-configurable lamp ignition delay
- User-configurable maintenance reminder
- Electronic ballast with power factor correction
- Electronic power supply
- Automatic pan & tilt correction
- Pan and tilt locks
- Lamp & fixture use timers
- Power saver mode

- W-DMX wireless receiver
- W-DMX wireless transmitter


- All gobos: 37.3 mm outside, 30 mm image, 5 mm max thickness
- Beam Angle: 15 degrees to 30 degrees
- Lux: 23,000 @ 5m, 15 degrees zoom
5,000 @ 5 m, 30 degrees zoom
- Light source: Philips MSR Gold 1200SA/SE FastFit™ 6,000 K, 750 hrs
Osram HTI 1500 W/60/P50 Lok-It™™ 6,000 K, 750 hrs
GE CSR 1200/SA/TAL 5,800 K, 750 hrs
- Power and current: 208 V, 60 Hz; 1,641 W, 7.89 A (operating), 3.4 A (inrush), PF 0.93
230 V, 50 Hz; 1,645 W, 7.15 A (operating), 3.3 A (inrush), PF 0.98
- AC power: Auto-ranging 200 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
- Weight: 82.05 lbs / 37.22 kg
- Size: 20.5 x 21.2 x 30.1 in / 521 x 539 x 764 mm

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