As the founder of the Oregon School..

As the founder of the Oregon School for the Deaf haunted house, the Nightmare Factory, allow me to thank you for your fast service, and great prices on the products we have ordered thus far. I have been more than please with everything, and have started recommending you to my fellow haunters. As a matter of fact as soon as I get a chance I'd like to put a link to your site on our web page. Once again, it has been a pleasure so far dealing with you, I look forward to a long relationship.

E Roberts

Fog Machines

Fog Machines

Fog machines and Haze machines are a nice addition to any light show. They accentuate and bring your lighting effects to life. Lasers look best with the use of haze or fog. We have water or oil based foggers and hazers. If you need ground foggers also known as low lying fog machines, we have you covered. Check all the best rated brands such as Antari, Chauvet, American DJ and Omnisistem.

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Chauvet Professional Amhaze II Water Based Haze Machine for Large Spaces
Amhaze II is a road-worthy, pro quality water-based haze machine suited for large-scale applicati..
CITC HazeMax Haze Machine
The Haze-Max offers an easy to use, reliable, never-clog, long-lasting, 30 minute, haze from a ..
CITC StarHazer III
The StarHazer III has two very remarkable traits. First, it is layer of haze is incredibly transl..
CITC StarHazer III Water Haze Fluid
StarHazer III Fluid (One Gallon) is the fluid of choice for even, long-lasting 40 minute haze per..
CITC Water Vapor Haze Fluid
  For use in the HazeMax Haze Machine - (1) Gallon     Cleanest low chemical..
Entourage by ADJ
The ADJ Entourage is a 1500W professional grade touring Faze Machine built into a durable fli..
F-1 Pro Touring Fazer by Antari
The Antari F-1 Fazer is a new improved design based on the X-310Pro model including all the same ..
F-5D Fazer by Antari
The F-5D is the new evolution of the F-3 with 5 major improvements: 1) Double haze output of or..
F-7 Smaze Arena Fog/Faze Hybrid by Antari
The new Antari F-7 is the ultimate hybrid touring atmospheric effect producing powerful arena siz..
FLC 4 Fog Fluid by Antari
Specially designed for W-715 Fog Jet, the Z-1520RGB and any other fog machine where an extremely ..
Geyser P4 by Chauvet DJ
Geyser P4 is a pyrotechnic-like effect without the use of any toxic chemicals, fire or heavy..
Geyser P5 by Chauvet DJ
Geyser P5 produces safe and dynamic, color-filled bursts of fog without the use of any toxic chem..
Geyser P6 by Chauvet DJ
Geyser P6 creates a dynamic and safe pyrotechnic-like effect without the use of any toxic ch..
Geyser P7 by Chauvet DJ
Geyser P7 is a dynamic pyrotechnic-like effect that creates thrilling bursts of fog lit with..
Geyser RGB Pyro Fog Machine by Chauvet DJ
Geyser RGB is a light and pyrotechnic-like effect in one compact fixture. Perfect for every ..
Geyser T6 by Chauvet DJ
Geyser T6 brings a burst of lighting energy to your events with a pyrotechnic-like effect. Geys..
Hurricane 1000 by Chauvet DJ
Hurricane 1000 is a lightweight and compact fog machine combining dense fog output and portabilit..
Hurricane 1101 Water Based Fog Machine by Chauvet DJ
Hurricane 1101 is a water-based fogger with a 1.3-liter (0.3 gallon) tank and takes only five min..
Hurricane 1200 by Chauvet DJ
Hurricane 1200 is a powerful and portable fog machine that brings any light show to life with a t..
Hurricane 1301 Water Based Fog Machine by Chauvet DJ
Hurricane 1301 is a water-based fogger capable of a great output of 20,000 cfm. It has a 3.3-lite..
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