You guys rock!

You guys rock! I got my needles the next day and was able to use them for my gig that night. I will spread the word! Peace

DJ Fabo

Fog Machines

Fog Machines

Fog machines and Haze machines are a nice addition to any light show. They accentuate and bring your lighting effects to life. Lasers look best with the use of haze or fog. We have water or oil based foggers and hazers. If you need ground foggers also known as low lying fog machines, we have you covered. Check all the best rated brands such as Antari, Chauvet, American DJ and Omnisistem.

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Omnisistem PyroFog Pyrotechnic Fog Machine
The new PyroFog from Omnisistem offers the visual impact and excitement of traditional pyro..
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Omnisistem SpyroFog Moving Head Fog Machine
One US Quart of Fog Juice
- Made from pharmaceutical grade chemicals, each approved by the FDA - Each bottle comes with a ma..
Snow Juice - Gallon
• Specially formulated for use in Snow Machines like the American DJ Snow Flurry • Create bigge..
ADJ F4L Premium Fog Juice
ADJ Fog Fury 1000
The ADJ Fog Fury 1000 is a 650W compact, high output fog machine with new advances in technology...
ADJ Fog Fury 2000
The ADJ Fog Fury 2000 is a 1100W portable, high output fog machine with new advances in technolog..
ADJ Fog Fury 3000
The ADJ Fog Fury 3000 is a 1500W professional DMX Fog Machine with new advances in technology. It..
ADJ Fog Fury 3000 WiFly Wireless DMX Fog Machine
The ADJ Fog Fury 3000 WiFly is a 1500W professional wireless DMX Fog Machine with new advances ..
ADJ Fog Fury Jett Vertical Shooting Fog Machine
The ADJ Fog Fury Jett is a high velocity vertical Fog Machine that mixes color into the fog from ..
Amhaze Studio by Chauvet Professional
Amhaze Studio is the answer to haze sound-sensitive environments. It combines a large 3.2L fluid ..
Antari F5 Fazer
F-5 is the new evolution of the very popular F-3 with 5 major improvements; 1. The haze outp..
Antari M10 High Output Stage Fogger - Fog Machine
The M-10 Stage Fogger was uniquely designed to meet the rigorous demands of stage and touring use..
Antari WiFi 800 Fog Machine controlled by iPhone iPad or Android
WiFi800 has a built-in WiFi receiver that allows the unit to be controlled by an iDevice via a fr..
Antari X310 PRO Fazer
The versatile X-310Pro Fazer from Antari is equipped with sophisticated features including aircra..
Antari Z-1520 RGB Colored LED Fog Machine
Want to add colors to your fog effects? Not a problem with the new Antari Z-1520 RGB. 22 RGB brig..
Antari Z350 Fazer
Z-350 is the latest creation from Antari with years of experience on Fazer developments. The ad..
Aqua Max Organic Haze Machine
NEW!  A long lasting, 2-hour haze from a water based haze = very conservative on fluid (4oz...
Chauvet DJ Geyser RGB Jr
The Geyser RGB Jr. is a compact version of our unique effect fogger that adds a touch of drama to..
Chauvet DJ Nimbus Jr Portable Low Lying Fog Dry Ice Machine
Perfect for smaller venues and mobile entertainers, Nimbus Jr. is a compact version of the origin..
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