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Lighting Controllers are necessary to have full control of your disco lights. There are simple off/on controllers and also more professional DMX software controllers to enable you to program a complete light show.

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Elation Art 1024
Elation Art SSC
ART SSC   - Solid-state lighting controller   The ART SSC is a lighting contro..
Elation Compu Cue Basic DMX Software
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS   - Windows XP/VISTA/SEVEN 32-bit or 64-bit compatible   - Lapt..
Elation Compu Cue DMX Software
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS   - Windows XP/VISTA/SEVEN 32-bit or 64-bit compatible   -..
Elation Compu Show SD DMX Software
Compu Show PC Software  - Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32 & 64-Bit compatible) S..
Elation Cyber Pak DMX Dimmer and Chaser
4 CHANNEL DIMMER / RELAY PACK The CyberPak is an All in 1 Dimmer/Power Pack with Multiple fu..
Elation DMX Branch 4 -4 Way DMX Distributor
DMX-BRANCH/4 4 WAY DMX DISTRIBUTOR - 4-way DMX distributor, 1 x DMX Input, 4 x DMX outputs & 1..
Elation DMX Duo - DMX Recorder
- Single space DMX Recorder / Controller - Accepts DMX information from any standard DMX c..
Elation DMX Operator 192
DMX OPERATOR 192 INTELLIGENT LIGHTING CONTROLLER - An affordable solution for control..
Elation DMX Operator Light Controller
PROGRAMMABLE DMX CONTROLLER - An affordable solution for controlling DMX products - Contro..
Elation DMX Operator Pro Controller
2-in-1 Controller: DMX & Dimmer - Hybrid controller- Moving Light and Par Can controller all in..
Elation DP-415 DMX Dimmer Pack
The Elation DP-415 is a versatile 4-channel dimmer pack that also doubles as a switch pack. This com..
Elation DP-640B 6 Channel Hybrid Pack
DP-640B 6 Channel Hybrid Pack Features: - 6 channel hybrid pack with dual 20A Edison sockets ..
Elation DP-DMX20L Dimmer Pack
4 CHANNEL UNIVERSAL DMX DIMMER PACK The DP DMX20L now includes the ability to assign individual ..
Elation ELAR Driver 1 Pro
ELAR Driver 1 Pro   - RGB LED driver w/ Flicker Free Dimming   - 3 channel, RG..
Elation EmuLATION DMX Software for Mac or PC
EmuLATION Control Software - Multi-Platform - DMX512A + Art-net - Industry-Standard Cuelists ..
Elation EWDMX Wireless DMX System
EWDMX System  - Transmitter & Receiver Package System features:  • 5..
Elation EWDMXR Wireless DMX Receiver
EWDMXR Wireless DMX Receiver • Wireless DMX Receiver • Receives DMX signal from ..
Elation EWDMXT Wireless DMX Transmitter
EWDMXT Wireless DMX Transmitter Specifications: • Works with up to 1000 EWDMX R-Re..
Elation Madrix DVI Software Controller
MADRIX DVI  - VIDEO SCREEN CONTROLLER MADRIX is a professional LED lighting controller...
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