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I am a business consultant..

I am a business consultant and will use this for “special effects” when I speak. But I want to tell you that your business gets an A+ in service----I called a while back---every question answered, very nice. And this email is excellent. Businesses that get it right don’t get enough recognition! Great work and thank you Chris


DJ Packages

DJ Packages

If you want a complete DJ system out of the box we carry DJ packages. DJ packages are plug and play and we carry the best packages for beginners and pro DJs alike. Check the description of the item. Some come with the CD players, mixer, case, microphone, and headphones. Along with those items, we also have complete DJ packages with speakers, amplifier,  and speaker stands included. We can also piece a system together if you do not find one that suits your specific needs.

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American Audio Flex 100 MP3 DJ System
Flex 100 MP3 System System Includes: - 2x Flex 100 MP3, Single CD Players - 1x Q-D6, Mix..
American Audio PA Package #1x
System Includes: (2) M822FX PA Mixer (2) XSP-10A Powered Speaker/Monitor (2) TRSXLR 1/4 inch ..
American Audio PA Package #2x
System Includes: (2) M1224FX PA Mixer (2) XSP-12A Powered Speaker/Monitor (2) TRSXLR 1/4 inch..
American Audio PA Package #3x
System Includes: 1 x M1624FX - 8 Channel Mono or 4 Channel Stereo PA Mixer 2 x XSP 10A - 10" F..
American Audio Pro Former 1515 Speaker System
System Includes: 2 x XSP15A - 15" Self Powered Speaker 1 x PXW 15P - 15" Self Powered Sub 2 x..
American Audio VMS2
VMS2 The American Audio VMS2 is a 2-Channel Midi Controller that comes bundled with Vir..
American Audio VMS4.1 Midi Controller
VMS4.1 The American Audio VMS4.1 is a 4-Channel Midi Controller that comes bundled with V..
American Audio 10MXR 3000 System DJ Package
System Includes: (2)  Radius 3000 (1) 10 MXR Mixer (1)  Radius System Case ..
American Audio ELS PA10 Mobile DJ Sound System Package
System Includes: • 2x Speakers • 1x Mixer • 1x Microphone • 2x 16 foot / 5m speakers c..
AV3 10x6 by ADJ
AV3 VIDEO PANEL SYSTEMS (16.4’ x 9.84’) All systems include rigging bars and road cases Incl..
AV3 4x2 by ADJ
Includes: 8x AV3 (6.56' x 3.28') , 4x AV3 Rigging Bars, 7xCAT303, 7x PLC3, 1x CAT461, 1x MPC015, ..
AV3 4x3 by ADJ
Includes: 12x AV3 (6.56' x 4.92'), 4x AV3 Rigging Bars, 11x CAT303, 10x PLC3, 1x CAT461, 2x MPC01..
AV3 5x3 by ADJ
Includes: 15x AV3 (8.2' x 4.92'), 5x AV3 Rigging Bars, 14x CAT303, 13x PLC3, 1x CAT461, 2x MPC015..
AV3 5x3 VX by ADJ
AV3 Install Systems (8.2' x 4.92') Includes: 15 x AV3 5 x AV3 Rigging Bars 14 x CAT..
AV3 5x3 VXR by ADJ
AV3 Video Systems (8.2' x 4.92') w/ Road Cases Includes: 15 x AV3 5 x AV3 Rigging Bar..
AV3 7x4 by ADJ
Includes: 28x AV3 (11.48' x 6.56'), 7x AV3 Rigging Bars, 27x CAT303, 24x PLC3, 1x CAT461, 4x MPC0..
AV3 7x4 VX by ADJ
AV3 Install Systems (11.48' x 6.56') Includes: 28 x AV3 7 x AV3 Rigging Bars 27 x C..
AV3 7x4 VXR by ADJ
AV3 Video System (11.48' x 6.56') w/ Road Cases Includes: 28 x AV3 7 x AV3 Rigging Ba..
AV3 9x5 by ADJ
Includes: 45x AV3 (14.77' x 9.84'), 9x AV3 Rigging Bars, 43x CAT303, 39x PLC3, 2x CAT461, 6x MPC0..
AV3 9x5 VXR by ADJ
AV3 Video Systems (14.77' x 9.84') w/ Road Cases Includes: 45 x AV3 9 x AV3 Rigging B..
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