Jay over @ DJ Depot is just the best

Jay over @ DJ Depot is just the best. I had some issues with a DMX controller and he always called me back asap, and truly would not let you off the phone until you were totally satisfied. I used to be leery of purchasing gear online, but Jay & DJ Depot are for real. I will purchase all my gear from them from now on. James Mastrino DJ DJUj Mobile Music Entertainment

James M
Chauvet Professional Legend 1200E Spot
Chauvet Professional Legend 1200E Spot
Brand:Chauvet DJ
Product Code: leg1200espot
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Chauvet Professional Legend 1200E Spot

The Legend™ 1200E Spot features a state-of-the-art 1,200-watt FastFit lamp and CMY color mixing. The unit includes two gobo wheels, both fitted with six glass slot-n-lock gobos. It has an electronic ballast and power supply.


- 23 or 31-channel fully electronic 1,200-watt moving yoke spot
- Pan: 540 degrees
- Tilt: 270 degrees
- Color wheel: 7 colors + white (red, blue, pink, green, magenta, orange, and UV)
Split/linear colors
Rainbow color spin at variable speed
- Gobo wheel 1: Indexed, rotating gobo wheel with gobo shake
6 glass, slot-n-lock gobos + open
2 multicolor, 4 black / white
Gobo wheel spin at variable speed
16-bit gobo rotation
- Gobo wheel 2: Indexed, rotating gobo wheel with gobo shake
6 glass, slot-n-lock gobos + open
1 multicolor, 5 black / white
Gobo wheel spin at variable speed
16-bit gobo rotation
- Variable frost
- Variable CTC filter (3,200K to 6,000 K)
- CMY color mixing system with vector speed adjustments
- 3-facet, 5-facet, 3D, and infinite prism with macros
- Variable shutter
- Variable iris
- Variable focus
- Variable 16-bit dimming (0 to 100%)
- Linear zoom (15 degrees to 30 degrees)
- Individual reset of pan/tilt, color, gobo, shutter, prism, focus
- Move-in-black for pan/tilt, color, gobo
- Remote fixture reset, lamp on/off, and vector speed adjustments
- Built-in movement macros with range adjustments
- Built-in color macros
- 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connections
- Two additional free glass gobos
- User-configurable lamp ignition delay
- User-configurable maintenance reminder
- Electronic ballast with power factor correction
- Electronic power supply
- Automatic pan & tilt correction
- Pan and tilt locks
- Lamp & fixture use timers
- Power saver mode

- W-DMX wireless receiver
- W-DMX wireless transmitter


- All gobos: 37.3 mm outside, 30 mm image, 5 mm max thickness
- Beam Angle: 15 degrees to 30 degrees
- Lux: 23,000 @ 5m, 15 degrees zoom
5,000 @ 5 m, 30 degrees zoom
- Light source: Philips MSR Gold 1200SA/SE FastFit™ 6,000 K, 750 hrs
Osram HTI 1500 W/60/P50 Lok-It™™ 6,000 K, 750 hrs
GE CSR 1200/SA/TAL 5,800 K, 750 hrs
- Power and current: 208 V, 60 Hz; 1,641 W, 7.89 A (operating), 3.4 A (inrush), PF 0.93
230 V, 50 Hz; 1,645 W, 7.15 A (operating), 3.3 A (inrush), PF 0.98
- AC power: Auto-ranging 200 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
- Weight: 82.05 lbs / 37.22 kg
- Size: 20.5 x 21.2 x 30.1 in / 521 x 539 x 764 mm

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